Combat Account Takeover & Phishing

Account Takeover and Phishing have been rampant problems across the Internet for over 20 years.  The Anti Phishing Working Group has been trying to reduce Phishing and its impact for almost that long - with limited success.

Our view is that you can't actually stop Phishing.  End users - even sophisticated users aware of Cybersecurity - will occassionally fall for a Phishing email.  There are so many ways to be fooled we feel its impossible to stop the attacks.  And Phishing can lead to Account Takover.  

Our approach is twofold:

  • We render Phishing a useless exercise.  By replacing UserID's and Passwords - which are the main goal of phishing - with a credential that can't be stolen and used in the same way - our approach neuters Phishing and makes it a useless exercise. 
  • We make credentials to logon to Web sites very secure and hard to steal or share.  By replacing passwords with an Internet PersonaSM, you make Account Hijacking almost impossible.