Membership Cards

Pseudo-Nym offers a unique service: Internet friendly membership cards for organizations and its members.

Our service will issue Internet friendly membership 'cards' to members of a sponsoring organization.  Those membership cards can be accepted by partner organizations, vendors and other firms that want to identify members of a particular organization.  The reasons to identify an organization's members will vary - marketing purposes, discounted services, etc.  Our service provides a seamless way to identify those members and provide specialized services and Web site access. 

Our service is unique in that it accomplishes many things:

  • Allows members of an organization to be recognized by partners of that organization very easily and securely.
  • Provides seamless identification and authentication to the member site and partner organizations.
  • Decreases the risk of phishing for all sites - the credentials we issue and manage are actually VERY secure.
  • With a bit more integration, our credentials can actually be used for strong authentication across those partner Web sites.

Feel free to try our Internet Membership Cards