Our Services

Pseudo-Nym, Inc. supports two services:

B2B Access to SaaS Sites

Pseudo-Nym, Inc., offers myIPSM credentials for employee access to external SaaS providers.  Credentials are sponsored by an employer for its employees. The employer manages the myIPSM credentials including issuing them, monitoring them and revoking them when employees leave the firm.  Our solution addresses all the issues with employers managing their employees access to external SaaS providers.

Membership 'Cards'

Member based organizations can benefit from myIPSM credentials in several different ways.  First, by sponsoring them for members, the organization can decrease the impact of Phishing on their Web site and brand.  In addition, their members can be recognized at 3rd party partners for member only benefits.  Finally, the first 6 months of using a myIPSM credentials is free of charge.  After that first 6 months, the member is charged for the technology and service. That revenue is shared with the sponsoring organization.