Service Levels

For both the Business and Membership Cards that Pseudo-Nym offers, there are 3 different levels of service:


Bronze Level Service allows any Web site or SaaS vendor to identify a visitor to their Web site as part of an organziation that sponsored their Pseudo-Nym Credential.  3rd parties associated with a sponsoring organization - partners, marketers - can rely on the Pseudo-Nym Credential to be assured that its holder belongs to the sponsoring organization.  


Silver Level Service allows a Web site or SaaS vendor to rely on the Pseudo-Nym Credential as a logon to their site - specifically the name, email or other information that are part of the credential.  For many reasons we will describe in detail elsewhere, the identity information in each Pseudo-Nym Credential is unique and very reliable.  In addition, the underlying technology used to logon to a Web site is the strongest encryption technology on the planet.   With that mind, many Web sites and SaaS vendors can rely on the identity information in the Pseudo-Nym Credential for a secure and strong logon to their site. 

In addition to accepting Pseudo-Nym credentials as a logon, Web sites and SaaS vendors have to check the credential is still valid at logon.  Just like credit cards are validated each time they are used - in case they've been stolen and cancelled - our Pseudo-Nym Credentials are also validated at logon in case they've been stolen and cancelled. 


Finally, our Gold Level Service is an extension of the Silver Service by offering the strongest and most reliable logon available on the Internet.  This level of security is the equivalent to FIDO - a new standard for Internet Security - with some added features.

Gold Level Service requires the Web site or SaaS vendor to identify the Subscriber using a 2,048 bit encryption key.  That key - which is unique to the Subscriber - should be associated with the account used by the Subscriber at the Web site.  With that association, no one else can access that account other than the owner of the Pseudo-Nym Credential.