Try It Yourself

First, request a myIPSM credential.  We support many different registration processes, including automated provisioning based on your company's internal Active Directory attributes.  For our site, a simple ID/Password is sufficient.  After getting your ID/Password for your myIPSM, go to our Registration Page.

This video shows you how to get and install your myIPSM credentialWatch for Yourself:

This technology is part of every standard Web browser.  For simplicity, we recommend using Microsoft Windows and Microsoft’s Edge Browser or Google’s Chrome Browser.  However, if you prefer, we also support Firefox.   Let us know your preferred browser in your request for a credential. 

Enter your ID/Password into the registration page and follow the instructions to get your credential.

Use Your myIPSM CredentialmyIP Logon

After obtaining your myIPSM click the Pseudo-Nym logo on the top right of this page.