What We Do

myip.pngPseudo-Nym, Inc. offers organizations a way to replace insecure UserID's and Passwords used to access Internet Web sites: the My Internet  PersonaSM, (myIPSM) is an anonymous, reusable, managed, virtual, low cost, secure credential that can replace passwords to access not just a single site but multiple Web sites.  The solution can be used by an organization's clients, employees or members as a secure logon to replace their insecure passwords across one or more participating Web sites.

Among other things, a myIPSM credential -

  • Replaces Passwords: myIPSM credentials can actually replace passwords.  The solution is not a band aid to make passwords more secure - the technology can fully replace passwords.
  • Replaces Many Passwords: myIPSM credentials are reusable and can replace multiple passwords without any compromise to security.  Passwords are like store brand credit cards - they only work at one site.  myIPSM credentials are like MasterCard or Visa: they can be used across multiple sites.
  • Neuters Phishing - Phishing has been a massive problem almost since the Internet was created.  myIPSM credentials cannot be stolen like UserID's and Passwords so Phishing becomes a useless exercise.
  • Combats Employee Theft & Misuse - Managing employee access to Internet Web sites can be a challenge: employees typically manage their own UserID's and Passwords.  myIPSM credentials are managed by a sponsoring organization - not the employee.  Organizations can now monitor their employees use of SaaS services and revoke access after they leave the firm by revoking their myIPSM credential.