Why Pseudo-Nym?

Why partner with Pseudo-Nym to replace passwords?  Because Pseudo-Nym offers a unique service:  

  • Pseudo-Nym offers anonymous, identity neutral digital certificates:
    • Our competitors typically provide some level of identity proofing, where they provide assurance of the subscriber's legal identity.
    • Pseudo-Nym does not focus on legal identity.  Rather, we offer a new identity and make sure that identity is well managed.
  • Low Cost of Service:
    • Our approach allows a much lower cost of digital certificates than our competitors.
  • Inter Enterprise Services:
    • Our competitors are very focused on Intra Enterprise services - offering digital certificates within an enterprise.
    • Pseudo-Nym is focused on Inter Enterprise usage - where a certificate can be used across firms and services as a single logon. 

These services are unique and allow Pseudo-Nym to offer our clients the strongest cryptographic solution available to solve the problem with passwords - at a very low cost.