Manage Your Internet PersonaSM

After you register for an Internet PersonaSM, you need to manage it.  You can access the IP Portal to see your logon activity.  And using this form, you can Revoke your Internet PersonaSM and request a new one. 

You should use this form if your Internet PersonaSM is unavailable - if your hard drive crashed, if your device was stolen or you feel it has been otherwise compromised.  This process is irrevocable and cannot be reversed.    

Please Note - Since you accessed this page directly and WITHOUT using your Internet PersonaSM, we need to confirm a few things before we continue. 

Enter the Pseudo-Nym Associated with your Internet Persona(SM) EXACTLY as it was in your IPSM. (Same Capitalization, Punctuation, etc.)
Enter the Email Address Associated with Your Internet PersonaSM
Request a New Internet Persona(SM)
Please Enter the Passphrase Associated with your Internet PersonaSM.  If you do NOT have a Passphrase, Leave this Field Blank. 
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