End User Internet PersonasSM

Pseudo-Nym, Inc. offers anyone on the Internet their own Internet PersonaSM.  Once you have your IPSM, you can use it at participating websites as well as various products and services that rely on HTTPS or TLS.   Registering for your Internet PersonaSM is easy and free to use for the first month.   

Sponsored Internet PersonasSM

Pseudo-Nym, Inc. offers member based organizations the opportunity to benefit from our security services, which include decreased risk of account hijacking and phishing.  Of course organizations can accept Internet PersonasSM at their Web site to complement or replace passwords used to logon now.  Organizations can also encourage the use of Internet PersonasSM by sponsoring our service to its members and with partner Web sites.  When sponsoring our service, the Internet PersonasSM include the organization's name and brand.   The organization can sponsor IPsSM for its members, accept the IPsSM at its Web site AND encourage partner Web sites to accept our services as well.  By encouraging partners, the sponsoring organization builds a network of trust around their branded Internet PersonasSM where both members and partners benefit.  Of course, Pseudo-Nym, Inc. will share revenue from this partnership with the sponsoring organization. 

Corporate Internet PersonasSM

Pseudo-Nym, Inc., offers Internet PersonasSM as a managed service for businesses.  Working with Pseudo-Nym, Inc., companies can issue Internet PersonasSM to their employees.  Those Corporate Internet PersonasSM can replace passwords used by the employees to access external SaaS providers or as a complement to those passwords to support Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).  Those Corporate Internet PersonasSM can also be used to access the corporation's services remotely, by VPN or other remote access services.  Again, Internet PersonasSM can replace the passwords used to access to those corporate services remotely, or complement them to support MFA.  

In addition to the security benefit of replacing passwords, Corporate Internet PersonasSM offer several benefit to the companies that use them:

  • Corporate Internet PersonasSM can replace passwords to access corporate services remotely by VPN, as well as services offered by SaaS partners.
  • Corporate Internet PersonasSM are managed centrally by the company, so the company has one place to issue and revoke them.
  • Corporate Internet PersonasSM allow monitoring of usage by the company.  Knowing what services your employees access on the Web is very hard to do today. 
  • Corporate Internet PersonasSM require the employee to perform services on behalf of the company from a pre-approved computer.  This reduces the risk of an employee using a public or unknown computer.  

Corporate Internet PersonasSMaddress all the issues with companies managing their employees' access to external SaaS providers and their own corporate services when accessed remotely.

VPN Internet PersonasSM

Pseudo-Nym, Inc. also supports employees use of their corporate VPN, where their employer sponsored Internet PersonaSM can be used to access their VPN remotely from a personal computer.   

The Internet PersonaSM can be used to complement other authentication technologies used to access the VPN, or replace them entirely depending on the device used, the security of the device, etc.